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Big Questions

‘Big Questions’ is an event where a short talk is given to answer some of the questions people may have about Christianity over a free lunch between 12-1pm (repeated at 1-2pm). It is an opportunity to see what Christians believe about Jesus, and we open the floor to any questions you may have.

Big Question titles from last year include:

‘How do we respond to a world in pain?’, ‘What can Jesus offer women?’, ‘I think therefore I exam: do my grades define me?’ and ‘Is lasting happiness really possible?’ . It also takes place each day throughout events week in February.

Feel free to invite friends or come alone – you’ll be more than welcome!

You can like the Big Questions Facebook Page by following this link.

Night Outreach

Night Outreach is a programme we have which takes place in Jesmond. We look to serve the community there, whether that be “normal” residents or students. We stand outside Jesmond Methodist church on a Friday evening giving out biscuits, juice, tea, coffee and sometimes toast. You can find us there from 9.30pm until 12.30pm.





Text a ToastieText a Toastie

Text a Toastie involves reaching out to students in their homes by answering their questions about Christianity and bringing them a free toastie. It takes place multiple times throughout the year, usually in Jesmond/West Jesmond, and an amazing way to start a conversation with someone about Christianity. We’d love for you to step out in faith and get involved.



Pop a Question

Pop a Question


Pop a Question is a fantastic way to have conversations with other students on campus. These conversations can either be about Christianity and faith or just a general chat. The aim is to be a loving presence on campus to our fellow students and we know from past experience that they notice the CU and what we do.

PAQ has enabled us to reach many students from varying backgrounds, with many thinking about faith for the first time in a while. Anyone with a love for Jesus and a willingness to spread his good news would love doing this and we’re happy to have you on board.