What is a Christian Union?

The Christian Union (CU) is a group of students at Newcastle University that work together to share the message of Jesus Christ on campus. Our faith is a huge part of our lives and we want to share that with our friends and coursemates.

We put on regular events that give people the opportunity to ask any questions about what being a Christian means and anything they want to know about God.

We firmly believe that God wants to know us each personally, and we hope – and pray – that he can work through us to reach all students on uni campus and show them how amazing he is.

We do not try to force people into becoming Christians. Rather we believe that God’s love is the most important and special thing that could happen to anyone and so naturally we want to share it with everyone.

We are society at Newcastle University and are affiliated to the Student Union and UCCF (the national Christian Union organisation)



Here’s a video showing a brief history of CUs: