Further Resources


As a CU we are supported by UCCF (Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship) who provide us with an amazing staff worker (Emma) and also run training days, and the incredible Forum summer week. Find out more about who they are, what they do and how they support us here.


Uncover is a little book full of big questions. Each edition of Uncover is based on a Gospel, containing the book as it is in the Bible, with a series of studies and questions which go through accounts of Jesus’ life and challenge us to really consider who Jesus was and the significance of that today. At CU we love reading Uncover with those interested in learning more about Jesus. If you want a copy to read with a friend, or you want someone from the CU to meet up with you to read it together, contact us here. The Uncover website contains great videos and resources to support the studies in the books.


As Christians we often find ourselves challenged by some deep questions. Perhaps we want a greater understanding of our faith; we are questioning why we believe something or where it fits in. Or maybe something has come up in a conversation with a friend and we found we actually didn’t know how to respond! BeThinking is a great resource which goes over many questions about our faith and other faiths, and helps us to understand better just what we believe.