Past Events

Over the course of the year, Newcastle University Christian Union hosts a number of different events. Find below info and recordings from past events!

Something More

Something More was our week long series of events exploring if there is ‘something more’ to life than what goes on around us. Talks from the week will be online shortly!

Carol Service 2017

On Friday 9th December NUCU hosted a Candlelit Carol Service with over 1000 candles as we celebrated the birth of Christ our Saviour.

This Is Freedom

From 20-24th November we hosted a bohemian themed series of events exploring what Christianity says about true freedom. Here’s short summary video of the evening event!

The evening talk by Ash Cunningham was entitled ‘This is Freedom’ and it explored what it means to be free in Christ.

Who Am I?

From the 10th-12th of May NUCU hosted a number of events around the theme of identity. On the 12th of May, there was a Big Questions hosted with the question of ‘Friends, Followers and Favourites: What defines who I really am?’. This was followed by a Quiz night in the evening with a short talk: ‘Can I be loved as I really am?’.



The Naked Truth

From the 15th-29th February, NUCU ran a series of events called ‘The Naked Truth: Exposing Christianity.’ There was a simple goal behind this: to be upfront and honest about what we believe, inviting students to engage with God and Christianity.

For those who couldn’t make it, we have posted recordings of the talks on this page website.

Monday: Outdated vs Relevant

What Does Christianity have to do with me?

Tuesday: Science vs Faith

How can Christians claim God and Science are compatible?

Is human purpose made, given, or discovered?

Wednesday: Suffering vs Hope

What kind of God would put us through this?

Is hope possible beyond life’s disappointment?

Thursday: Hate vs Love

How can Christians justify their faith, despite their history of hate?

Why do Christians go on about love?

You can find more information by accessing the event website, which can be found by clicking the image below.

Friday: Constraint vs Freedom

What is Christianity, if not rules?

What does it mean to be free?