Membership and Giving


For members we put on Friday main meetings in which we aim to equip, encourage and build up a united body of Christians to enable them to take the good news of Jesus Christ to their courses, societies and friends; with events being put on to explain the Christian message, to which anyone is welcome to attend.

As we are a Student Union (NUSU) society, everyone who regularly comes along to our meetings should sign up to become a member of the Christian Union via the Student Union website.

Only Human: Events Week 2018


NUCU’s primary purpose is to tell people on campus about the Lord Jesus and to do so effectively often requires us to spend money! We encourage members to partner with us by setting up a standing order to fund our general running costs and contribute to the general fund- we believe giving is a biblical spiritual discipline and it is our members that primarily fund the CU. The funding we’ve received has enabled us to put on some fantastic events in recent years! Once at university everyone will be advised on how to give if they so wish. For more information please contact Jonny, our treasurer.